The Myths and Truths about being a Queen Part I

Adapted out of

     The Book of Esther

There are so many ideas about what a Queen is, and what she isn’t, as well as what she does (or doesn’t do) and all that jazz. The fact of the matter is all of the truth about Queen-hood is found in the Word of God. And if it isn’t found in the Word of God (which is the Word of Truth) then well…it must be a myth. One of my favorite books of the Bible is the Book of Esther. It is filled with so much that any woman can learn if she is to carry herself like a Queen. Let’s look at the book of Esther and through the Word of God, accept or reject some popular ideas of what a Queen is and what she does and what happens. Here we go, you ready? Ok Bet.

  1. {Truth} The Quietest Kept secret: Queening is always a win.

Being a Queen in God’s Kingdom is nothing but a win and the best choice you could make. Look at Queen Esther. Her come up in God was real. She went from being orphaned with nothing to being in a position where she could have anything and everything she desired. And the reason why: she was submitted to God’s will for her life and the authority over her life. That’s what true Queen-hood is. A real Queen is submitted to The King; Jesus.

Esther’s humble compliance to willingly step into a situation that was not familiar or necessarily comfortable ultimately opened the door to her whole life changing completely. Although it came with a cost like the personal sacrifice of leaving old lifestyle, prayer and fasting (ooh, we hate those… I can see both your eyeballs twitching from here girl!) in the end it was a win for her and saved her life—literally. Queening wins. Queening God’s way saves your life. Esther’s life drastically changed; was God ordained and yours is too. Esther found favor with a king and if you surrender your heart, mind, and your own will then you can find favor with the King. I’m just saying. In case you care about favor and experiencing the meanest- cleanest come up you could ever have and that sort of thing.

  1. {Myth} You can lose your crown.

One of critical core points in the story of Esther is the fact she was the replacement for Queen Vashti. Upon impulse it’s natural to only look at this through the lens of “well Vashti was the Queen but her time came and went and boom, here we have Esther. Oh well. ” Yes, but there’s more to it than that. You see, a replacement doesn’t negate or change the fact there was an original. Vashti was still ‘the original don-dada’ technically. “How Sway?” you may ask when the king got rid of her. You are right, he did get rid of her but something kind of funny and ironic happens not too long after he did that.

The bible relays to us that when his anger passed and he calmed all the way down, the king realized what he had done and sought a replacement for his Queen. (Esther 2:1) Man. Picture that. Picture leaving a lasting impression and your presence having such a strong affect that after you are gone someone tries to replace you because they see that things are different without you. Good gracious. Now, that could apply to anything but here it applied to a relationship. At the end of the day Vashti was still there first and he tried finding a suitable substitute for her because he missed her.

What else does that mean Adara? So what he missed her and looked for a replacement….

Glad you asked. At the end of the day although she was no longer in the picture, Vashti was still a Queen. She is still referred to as Queen Vashti in the text. I believe the Word of God is level 5000 intentional and direct so she is referred to as Queen Vashti in the text (Chapter 1) because with or without a king (or his ring), you are still a Queen.

That’s all I have time to blog about right now. There’s a part two don’t worry, I’m not the type to leave my girls hanging. I’ll come back soon and tell you the rest. In the meantime, keep Queening.

Love, Adara

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  1. Adebisi Labinjo
    Adebisi Labinjo says:

    First let me start off by saying that your page, website and blog Part 1, is the bomb dot com! Can’t wait for Part 2. Any who, all of this is quite inspiring. As women, we sometimes forget the crown that we have because we all have flaws. However, when we truly set our eyes on God, things become a bit more clear. The crown that we fail to see is simply dusty from our own judgements, thoughts, and maybe even actions. Like Esther, truly loving God with our whole heart, mind and soul, we can see him working in our lives and doing what he sees Best for us. So if that means “Jesus take the wheel” so be it! Slowly but surely the dust on our crowns (well some of us lol), will wash away and shine bright! I love how you literally walk through the mind and break down our thoughts regarding the scenarios and text. Very Helpful and Truly Great! May God continue to Bless you so that you can keep these ministries coming. This Generation NEEDS you Queen! 👑


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